What is neem ?
How NeemTree Products are better than other neem brands?

NeemTree products are manufactured under the surveillance of qualified staff following Good Manufacturing Practice(GMP). Every batch of product is checked and certified before dispatch by inhouse laboratory with proper equipments as per prescribed standards. Quality of our products and manufacturing practices are certified by various concern authorities.

What is cold pressed Neem Oil?

Cold Pressed Technology is used in production of neem oil and neem cake. It is mechanically extracted Neem Kernel Oil without using any chemical solvents that preserves many vital organic chemical and ingredients.

Why Neem is getting so popular in Agrochemical all of a sudden?

Today world is looking for an alternative to chemical pesticides due to its long lasting hazardous effects on human health and environment. Organic farming is a corrective action towards this. Neem have been used in India from ancient times as organic pesticide because it is bio-degradeable, non-toxic and safe to humans & to non target organisoms. It regenerates soil power and increases its productivity. So Neem is proving to be the most ideal natural or organic pesticides for Organic Farming.

Is the offered neem oil filtered or refined?

It is filtered.

Why does the neem products have this odor?

Yes, raw neem oil/cake stinks. But the components that give off the offensive sulfurous smell are the ingredients that make neem oil so effective.

Remove the smell and you remove some of the effectiveness of neem oil.

There are over 140 active ingredients in neem oil. Scientists are busy measuring and proving exactly what each of this substances can and can't do. That's great to increase our understanding. But isolating individual ingredients, or removing some of them (the smelly ones) is not necessarily a good thing for the user.It doesn't matter if we look at herbs, natural oils, or, even your daily food! The closer to its natural state something is the healthier and the better for you it is.

Fresh garlic is more powerful than garlic pills. Organic potatoes baked in their skins are more nutritious than instant potato soup from a packet. And raw stinky neem oil/neem cake works better than the colorless and deodorized versions.